Eric Su is a Healthy Living Expert for people who want head turning bodies, an enriched mind and a fulfilled life.

Eric Su, Healthy Living Expert

Eric Su, Healthy Living Expert

Through his fun podcasts, totally addictive blog posts and breakthrough coaching calls, he’s here to shake up your approach to healthy living — while making it all feel like cool rain on a hot sunny day.

His workouts and fitness tips have been featured in Obstacle Race Training Bible and Instant Health and Wellness Vol. 1.

His adoring fans + customers have called him “fitness solution man” and “the trainer that makes it look so easy,” and one woman called him “THE cutest trainer to watch in 2015.

And when he’s not transforming lives, you can find him indulging in tennis, traveling and the occasional ice cream cone.

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When Eric is not fitness training, he teaches people business and networking skills.

More specifically, he helps people who are looking for financial independence and a more fulfilling life.  His vision is to help 100 families achieve financial independence so that they can live their dreams.

He has partnered with a health and wellness company that markets practical and sound solutions that will be around for many generations.

When someone teams up with Eric, he works closely with them to ensure success.  A big part of this comes from using the latest technology while mixing in old school systems.

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