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5 Ways to switch to a plant based eating...
Written by Eric Su on Dec. 9th 2017
Hello everyone,
Today I wanted to share with you 5 ways to switch over to a plant based diet.
There are many health reasons first of all, for example you can reduce the risk of dying form heart disease or stroke by an impressive 20 percent. Anyhow, here are the 5 way to go about making the switch:
How To Get Unstuck From A Health Rut...
Written by Eric Su on Dec. 7th 2017
I’m stuck in a health rut, now what?
Step 1 (Awareness through measurements)

If you are not sure how to start getting unstuck, and you are feeling that you have tried everything under the sun with no positive result to show for, then welcome to the group. I want you to understand that this is a normal feeling in the process to being healthy as we age.
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